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DMV Autobroker

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Vehicle Donation Coordinator

BPA Licensed Registration Agent

Certified Dealer Education Instruction

DMV DealerLicense Application Assembly

Federal FTC Red Flag Identity Theft Training

DMV Licensed Salesperson Annual Certification

California DMV Certified #realcardealerschool since 1998



get your dealer license in as little as 30 days

when you attend one of our many dealer education classes

you become part of the TriStar Network & what is the TriStar Network ???

we are a network of professionals

dedicated to the best dealer education possible

we start with the first phone call ( 800-901-5950 )

and patiently wait for the DMV Inspector to issue

your own California Used Car Dealer License & Plates

average time 30-45 days

average cost $3500. ( with fleet insurance )

join the TriStar Network today

mentors at NO charge